BlueWater  II (10.5 mm)                              $1.00 / ft
UL Rated / Beige

BlueWater  Protac  (10 mm)                         $1.05 / ft
UL & NFPA Rated / Black

Petzl  Parallel  (10.5 mm)                                     $1.00 / ft
UL, NFPA & CE  Rated / Blue


XiNDA Twist Lock                                   $16.00 ea
2 Stage Twist Lock

Petzl OK Triact Lock                             $20.00 ea
3 Stage Triact-Lock                                                  Description

Yoke  Steel Carabiner                            $18.00 ea
2 Stage Twist Lock

Petzl  Oxan Steel Carabiner                  $27.00 ea
3 Stage Triact-Lock                                                    Description


               Petzl Astro Bod Croll Fast                         $500.00 ea
                    Includes Chest Mounted Croll Ascender                      Description
                    ANSI 359.1 & 359.3  Rated
                    (Size 1  - 27" - 47")    (Size 2  - 31" - 55")

               Aaweal  5pt Croll Body Harness                  $200.00 ea
                   (Size   - 31" - 54")     

               Petzl Falcon Seat Harness                           $205.00 ea
                   (Size 1  - 27" - 47")    (Size 2  - 31" - 55")                            Description

               Petzl Top Croll Chest Harness                      $180.00 ea
                    Universal Fit                                                                          Description


BlueWater  1" Tubular                            $ .48 / ft  

   Anchor Slings                            20 ft   $25.00 ea
9000 lb end to end strength                       
18000 lb choker strength


       Petzl  Vertex   Vent                                   $105.00 ea

Assist in the process of upward mobility along a lifeline

Petzl Hand Ascender    (Rt or Lt Handed)            $96.00 ea

BlueWater 24" 10.5mm Dynamic Lanyard        $26.00 ea

          Assist in the process of downward mobility along a lifeline

       Petzl  RIG                                             $210.00 ea
        Petzl  ID                                               $285.00 ea
Assist in the process of establishing a secure point along a lifeline

Petzl Rescuesender (Rope Grab)           $90.00 ea

BlueWater  6.5 mm (Dynamic) Prusik Cord      $ 1.00 lf
Recommended Length: Height of Climber Plus 1 ft

Petzl ASAP  Fall Arrester                      $250.00 ea
Includes OK Oval Triact Lock Carabiner                 Description

Petzl 20mm ASAP-Zorber                       $41.00 ea
 Recommended use with ASAP Fall Arrester        Description


LL II Precision Line Launcher              $220.00 ea
Launcher & Soft Projectile w/ Wire Attachment Loop

Fully Rigged
LL II Precision Line Launcher              $290.00 ea 
Launcher & Soft Projectile w/ Wire Attachment Loop 
Residential Loads, Rope Caddy II, 150 LF Throw line,  
Throw Line Storage / Deployment Bag  & Ridge Cap Protector     

Comet Ball Deployment Kit             $58.00ea
Comet Ball, 150lf Throw Line, Storage Bag & Rope Caddy III

Comet Ball Deployment Kit With Ridge Cap
 Protector     $95.00

Comet Ball w/ Bungee Handle               $15.00ea
Weighted Toss Ball w/ Bungee Handle 60 ft Vertical Capability

CCS Rope Caddy   III                             $15.00 ea
Friction Reducing Sphere that Connects Rope to Tag-Line

Tangle Free Throw Line                           $.16 / lf     
Recommended Length: 110 lf Residential Use                                 

Ridge & Rope Protector                        $39.00 ea
Hands Free Placement From Ground Level!!!


Ladder Max  Ladder Stabilizer             $68.00 ea  

TieGrrr Straps  Cam Straps (1200 lb Tested)
                             3' , 6' , 9' -                    $6.50 ea

                 GEAR BAGS / ACCESSORIES                                                 

                              Everest Gear Bag                                 $30.00 ea
                                       30" X 15" X 14"

                                       Petzl  Bucket                                          $60.00 ea
                             25 Liter Rope Bucket Holds 200 ft 10.5 mm Rope   Description

                                       Forester Rope Bag                                 $25.00 ea
                                       15" Tall - 11" Diameter Holds 200 ft 10.5 mm Rope

                                       Target Line / Rope Bag                          $15.00 ea
                                       11.5" Tall - 10" Diameter 

                                       Petzl  Cordex Gloves                             $40.00 ea
                                       Tan - Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL                                        Description

                                      Petzl  Tool Bag                                        $30.00 ea
                                      Accessory bag for camera, chalk...                           Description

                            Petzl  Caritool  Racking Clip                     $9.00 ea
                            Attaches Tool Bag To Harness                          

              Roof Anchor System

                                 Roof Anchor Kit                     $250.00 ea


Please call, text or e-mail orders to:
 (936) 537-6759  RealityRopeAccess@yahoo.com           
Please Note: all prices are subject to change at any time due to 
manufacturer changes beyond our control.

                                 All Credit Cards & Paypal Accepted!
(936)  537-6759

A Few Words About Rope Placement Devices

Purchasing pitched roof rope access equipment is virtually pointless without some means for positioning  lifelines across a  ridgecap from the safety of the ground. Our tag-line systems are unmatched for their ability to secure a lifeline  rope over a structure up to ten stories tall without roof surface and / or equipment trauma that is often characteristic of traditional rope placement devices.

Quite possibly the most useful ladder attachment available for Roof Access Professionals. This product will significantly improve ladder stability with 10X the resistance to the forces of kick-out and lateral slippage; the two most common causes of ladder related injuries.
This photo illustration was completed while using a full personal fall restraint system for the purpose of demonstrating resistance to the forces of kick-out. CCS LLC does not condone  the use of the LADDER -MAX in this manner or in any other manner which is inconsistent with that specifically recommended by the product manufacturer. Please take the time to read all manufacturer's instructions prior to incorporation within your roof inspection process!
Line Launcher II Video Demo 
Over 46' Tall Roof
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Comet Ball Demo
Line Placement Over Pitched Roof
Using Ridge Protector Demo
2020 Rope Access 
Equipment Catalog
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Work Positioning /Fall Restraint System (3500 lb TBS) that Installs (and removes) in minutes to ½” plywood decking under the nailing strip of any composition style shingled roof.